Saturday, April 28, 2007

Mojo and the gorgeous Annie

Last Thursday I got to meet the absolutely lovely Annie. She was over in Worcestershire visting her late husband's family, and we agreed to meet in Birmingham for a spot of lunch and shopping. Annie is the most amazing, kind, fun and unbelievably strong person. I'm sure she won't mind me saying (afterall, she blogs about it) that Annie has had more than her fair share of tragedy, but she is still such a happy cheerful person who is great company. Just a sheer inspiration. We had a lovely lunch with her in-laws (also lovely people!) and then spent a leisurely afternoon browsing round the fab shops in Birmingham. Much better than work I say! In Debenhams, we picked up a handbag, which was incredibly soft leather, and we asked eachother if we thought it was real leather. At exactly the same moment we both leant down to smell it - the ultimate test!
It was so great to meet you Annie, and I really hope we stay friends, and get to meet again.. Here we are standing in front of the Bull, at the Bullring shopping centre. Unfortunately not a great photo of me (right)!

And maybe I can report that my mojo has returned! Today I bought some lovely Rowan 4 ply soft, to make Bianca (scroll down the link, it's on the right) from one of the previous magazines. It has texture and beads, and hopefully will re-ignite my interest. I plan to do the fronts first, and then decide whether I want the pattern all over, or whether it's overkill. Watch this space....

Sunday, April 22, 2007

No knitting Mojo

So I've totally lost it. My knitting Mojo that is. I just have no enthusiasm for my knitting. And I can't bear it. It's awful. I shouldn't really cast on for something new but maybe it'll reginite my interest. So, maybe I'll go upstairs and do a bit of stash diving.. . Let me show you first, my new favourite spot in the house.

I bought this chair on eBay last week, and it was a relative steal..... It needs some minor repair here and there, but I'll let it off. It is afterall, an authentic and original art deco armchair. I love it. All James could manange was 'It smells like old people's homes', which I think is mightly unfair. It doesn't at all. We also had the whole 'its not chic, it's just shabby' conversation. Not chic, I ask you, how is 1920/30's design not chic? Well, OK, maybe he has a slight point. But I still love it!

So, here, displayed on said chair is my 'precious' stash. A box of yarn that is reserves for special ocassions. It shall not be swapped, or gifted, or used to knit presents. It is for Me. Most of it was gifted by SPs, or kind swappers, or bought on special trips. See anything in there you like? Yeah, me too. Just not sure what I can use any of it for, now. Maybe I'll cast on some simple socks. Yes, maybe I'll do that..... Or maybe I'll just increase my stash tonight at Posh Yarn. They update tonight, and I like everything on the site.....
I may not have knitting mojo, but my fingers are getting greener.... snap dragon, violas and lobelias. See.....

Friday, April 06, 2007

Beautiful yarn and organic cotton...

With a lack of anything else to post, I thought I'd take advantage of the sunshine and show you gorgeous yarn. Aforementioned red cotton project is coming along relatively speedily, but since it is four ply, it doesn't look any different to last time you saw it!
Firstly, Lorna's Laces Shepherd Sock in Irving Park and Daffodil. These are my leftovers of possibly my favourite yarn, in the world, ever. Secondly, possibly the baddest cat, in the world ever. Although, I was very proud of her today, she stood up to a bad Tom who had come in through our back door and tried to eat her breakfast. Velma, on the other hand was hiding upstairs. Go Daph. I don't think they'd ever seen another cat face to face before. These photos are also momentous because they show the only patch of clean carpet in our whole house!
Also last week, I found this top in New Look, one of the UKs less upmarket highstreet stores (in my opinion). I was so pleased to see that they now have an organic cotton range and the stuff is really pretty. Dresses, tops, jeans, lots of stuff. And this top was only £8. I was reminded of Sarah's post. If I had to choose between fairtrade and organic, I would choose fairtrade (and this is just organic) but it's a start, right?