Monday, July 16, 2007

Knitting Lingerie Style

A book review! I saw this book whilst blog surfing a while back and ummed and ahhhed as to whether to buy it. Imagine my absolute delight and surprise when I received a electronic amazon voucher, for my birthday, from the lovely, kind, generous and beautiful Annie, someone I consider to be a great friend (and not just because of the book voucher!) So I went ahead and bought the book. Appropriate to buy a knitting book with a gift from a knitty friend!
Knitting Lingerie Style
Joan MacGowan Michael
Stewart, Tabori and Chang; 2007
Let me say, I love this book, I was not at all disappointed. I have scanned a few of my favourites, but believe me, this book is stuffed full of great designs, I couldn't list all of them!
I love this bra set. I'm not sure I would knit it, as I don't think it would be very wearable. I have a minor criticism of this book, in that Joan seems to have used DK or Aran weight yarns when a finer weight, such as 4 ply would have been better. I think currently this pattern would be too bulky to be practical.

This top, I will definately make, I just love the bust darts. I think in a darker colour with a lacy camisole underneath it would be great.

And as for these dresses, I just wish I had ocassion to wear them. Thi sfirst one, well I change the skirt to be a fish tail or something more long and floaty. The bodice is gorgeously simple. well, if I find a ball to go to, maybe!

This one Joan has described as a nighty. It reminds me so much of when James and I saw a Midsummer Night's Dream at Stratford. Just beautiful. Maybe for the next wedding I get invited to. Although, I'd change the skirt to be less nighty and more formal, and wear something underneath the bodice!!
The pictures in this book are not particulary imaginatively shot, but they are good, clear and pretty. For some of the patterns, pictures of the detail are lacking too. Overall the book looks lovely, with great design. I have heard there are errata somewhere too. If you like the underwear idea, this book is a must. Even if you don't there are cardigans, socks, lacy t-shirts, something for all. I think, aside from being on our coffee table, it will get used a lot!! Thanks again Annie!


cranberry said...

Very pretty!

I'm glad (and relieved) that you like it, because I'm wondering whether to order.

Are the instructions easy to follow? :)

Janice said...

What a cool book. I don't knit, but I would definitely buy these styles. I love them!

Batty said...

I love this book. Can't wait to start knitting things from it!

Muffintop said...

I browsed that book at the knitting store and it *IS* really cool. Good luck with the patterns!

Annie said...

I'm so glad you like it! You should knit it all up- you've got a rockin' bod. We should have a lingerie party sometime when I visit!