Sunday, November 09, 2008

Shopping bags and birthday presents

Firstly a lesson is jazzing up the most cheap-assed birthday present in the world! I love you girls :)

And now some more of Amy Butler...

I was interested to see a local community project that was delivering cotton shopping bags to households for free; they had 500,00! I try and re-use my bags-for-life, and take various cotton bags top the supermarket; I have a favourite that was free with Marie Clare. Anyway, so I have decided to make a load myself and use them as 'wrapping paper' this Christmas. A slightly ambitious idea, but hey-ho! Also, John Lewis have started selling Amy Butler (for Rowan) fabric. Obviously, I couldn't help myself. Here is the first attempt, a gift/wrap for James' mother's birthday next week. Then, more fabric for my own mother's version.

Not quite sure why these are so blurry, clearly not as bright as I thought ( but look, new carpet!).

I'm not going to promise I'm back...... but I'm really going to try. I'm back living in Nottingham having got a Research Fellowship at the University (Phd done and finished!); a job which is a lot less stressfull and frantic. So maybe (hopefully) I'll have more time for this! I'v etaken lots of photos this weekend so lots to post this week. I've missed everyone (but I have been keeping up with your blogs, sporadically), so will look forward to catching up with you. I am also getting to grips with ravelry, so see you there?


Nell said...

Congrats on finishing your degree! That's wonderful!!!

Lin said...

Well done on the degree. I like your bag too.

Westozcaat said...

Congrats on the degree and the bag is great- do you have a pattern?