Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Malabrigo Shawl

Thanks you all for your thoughtful and helpful comments on my last post. No new news but I'll keep you posted. (PS Annie, if we make it to the States, you bet we'll come to Boston!!)

Todays been a bit of a down day, I left the house very slowly this morning! Yesterday I went for a meeting with my new employer and colleagues. It was great, I'll tell you about it soon. So I got home, feeling very excited and I think, today, it's dawned on me that I still have lots to do before I can give my new job my full attention. To cheer myself up I made some new cards - you can see them there on the right. I think they came out well.. Off to see John Travolta making a fool of himself in Hairspray tonight with the girls. Should cheer me up no end!

As requested, here are some pics of the shawl. It's not growing quickly (lots wider than I planned), but I like it. It is such a soft, drapey fabric, just yummy.

And, just so you know, cats love gym bags.......


cranberry said...

Nelllllllll what pattern are you doing? When will we see? (I think you were making it up as you go along?)

Good luck on finishing stuff before you get to your new job.

dancingnic said...

Nell your shawl looks so cosy!
Lovely lovely!

I am so envious of people who can knit lace - I am still ripping my secret project at regular intervals! :)

Lauren said...

I just love the shawl. It looks very pretty.

Liz said...

The shawl is looking really lovely. And just think how it'll grow when you block it.

LilKnitter said...

Snuggly shawl! Looks warm and cozy.

Kitteh! With the cutest spots!!

Batty said...

Yes, Boston! And bring the cat in the bag, my furry little hellions would like to meet a new yarn-chasing buddies!

That shawl is gorgeous. I've heard rumors of Malabrigo laceweight at a LYS near work... I'll have to check them out.

Chocolate Gerbera said...

I'd love to go to Boston too, and think of all the knitties that we'd meet too!

I love your shawl, it looks stunning.

There will be a parcel in the post before the end of the week...I did some shopping while I was away and just have a few more things to get. :)

Annie said...

I love the color! It looks amazing!