Saturday, August 04, 2007

SP Goodies

Check out this little lot! Received today from the mysterious Chocolate Gerbera........ How did she know that M&S Percy Pigs are my favourites? Yuummmmy.

Two balls of RYC Luxury Cotton DK in a lovely neutral colour, a bit hay-like. Very appropriate.
A ball of Rowan Scottish Tweed dk in a rich chocolate - I have the accompanying book already!
Some Scotland Souvenirs....... a clue??
A really cute clover phone charm, with a diamante
Lemon and Ginger tea, which is already helping me get down to work!
...all wrapped in purple tissue.
Thank you so much CG, you are so kind, everything is right on the mark!


Batty said...

Those pigs are just awesome. I'm getting a hankering for gummy critters just looking at them!

Anonymous said...

I'm glad it got to you :) The Rowan Tweed is great for felting, it makes a really strong yet supple fabric. We all love Percy Pigs here as fact we adore anything that comes from the M&S food hall!
The Scotland souvenirs are a clue...

Take care, CG xxxx

Zonda said...

Nice SP package!! I love the sheep ones I was sent before, or was it Percy Pigs??? Anyway, all the treats I've gotten from M&S are excellent.

Annie said...


glittrgirl said...

I amglad you are getting nice things, cos you sent me such nice things!