Friday, October 27, 2006

The Screen Room

Last night we had a lovely evening with my work colleagues. Sylwia was leaving to go and work in Aberdeen, so one of the girls booked The Screen Room in Nottingham. It has to be one of Nottingham's gems. Apparently, it is the UK's smallest cinema, with 21 seats. Its a bizarre place, small, and it smells musty, but it was ace. Nice and cozy. In big cinemas I always get cold - too much air conditioning! You can hire the whole thing and they show whatever you want. Vic chose One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest, as she managed to get out of Sylwia that she really wanted to see it. James and I saw it in the West End with Christian Slater and McKenzie Crook, but I'd forgotten exactly what happens. Sad, but good. A thin line between crazy and normal.

Speaking of gems of Nottingham, I found the Oxfam bookshop last weekend, and I'm thrilled! I can't believe I never found it before! It is a gorgeous shop, huge and airy with wooden floorboards and a chesterfield sofa. Just how bookshops should be (there's never anywhere to sit in Waterstone's!). They have books (including such titles as 'Reinforced Concrete'), videos, a few clothes, CDs and even fairtrade food. Awesome. I found a great pressie for James' birthday. I have a sneaking suspision he reads my blog, so I'll tell you about it later... I also bought a brand new hardback Jodi Picoult novel for Karen, for £2.99. Brill.
Since this post has turned into one singing Nott's praises, here are some photos. This is the sky this morning (ignore the towerblocks!) at about 7.30. In the far distance, on the centre right is the castle - important if you're a fan of Robin Hood, but there are also some great exhibitions.
And here are the autumnal colours on campus yesterday. My colleagues thought I was mad.....

Avrienne, I hope this is nostalgic for you and hubby!!


Avrienne said...

Oh, thank you, thank you!

It feels very appropriate that I'm sitting here drinking lemon barley water--turns out one of our local grocery chains does a huge import business, and we can get all sorts of neat British stuff!

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