Monday, October 02, 2006

Kittens at last...

Check out these babies! We have kittens at last, and I can become a crazy cat lady. We were only supposed to have one, but they were so cute, I just couldn't resist. James went mad. Although only a bit because he loves them really. I'd kept it quiet we were having them as we've been trying to get a cat for ages and it kept falling through. I was worried I'd jinx it if I talked too much about it! They're the first cats either of us have had since losing childhood cats. My cat, Miranda died in 2004 at the age of 17, and her brother two years before.

The tortie is a girl, as they usually are, and we're pretty sure the tabby is a boy. That sounds stupid, you'd think it'd be obvious but when they're that small? It's hard to tell. The lady who gave them to us was convinced they were ALL boys.

Although they're litter trained (what a relief!) they are very timid, and are not keen on coming out from under the sofa!

I love the little spot she has on her nose, it's just like Miranda's! We think she may have been the runt, she's smaller and perhaps a bit weaker. I think she may have a mild infection in one eye and walks a bit stiffly. Our lovely neighbour Laura is a vet and they're going for a visit to her practice later this week, so we'll get it checked out.

They don't have names yet. James likes Enzo for the tabby (after Enzo Ferrari - typical), and I like Blossom for the girl. However, it would be nice to give them a pair of names. James' family have always named their cats in pairs. Nut and Bolt, Whisky and Biscuit (I don't quite get that one) and Tom and Geraldine. Although baby James couldn't say Geraldine so he called her Jelly Bean.

We'd love to hear your suggestions, answers on a postcard.........


Anonymous said...

Oh Nell! The kittens are ADORABLE.
My niece was adopted by a cat this past month. They had a cat show up, they fed it, and now they have a cat. The vet thinks she's almost a year old, and they named her Shelby.
I think the "pair" names are cute. If I can think of anything clever I'll let you know (knit and purl, bet James wouldn't go for that!) :-)


scarybez said...

Oh my goodness - I think I might have to come and steal them! *sigh* if only I didn't live in a top floor flat then I could get kittens too :(

Sherry W said...


How about fruits? Like Mango and Kiwi?

Kathy S. said...

Jelly and Bean
Enzo and Ouzo
Victoria and Albert

Nell said...

They look like the best kind of kitties- trouble makers!

Nell said...

If only I could get him to go for Knit and Purl! The fruits idea is a good one. Especially since we eat Mango like it going out of fashion in our house.

I like Victoria and Albert (my middle name is victoria) although since we've now worked out that they're both girls, it doesn't work.

I think James is still cross we don't have a boy. He was keen on 'Chairman Miaow'. Groan. :0) So he's being grumpy.