Tuesday, March 06, 2007

I bought fabric AGAIN (and I had a great weekend)

So I just couldn't help myself, I bought fabric AGAIN. I think us Brits struggle to find nice fabric that is actually available in the UK. In the States there is such a huge selection. One online store I found had a postage of $30. Somehow, I think not. Anyway I found the Cotton Patch. The only place I could find with a good selection and decent amounts of fabric available. However, this is not a valid reason to buy lots of stuff is it? Especially with no intended projects! Sorry if these photos are a bit flash-y, it did mean that the colours are accurate. This first photo shows them all, a selection of Rowan fabrics with a random pinky-red pack thrown in (botton left corner).

These below are Rowan fabrics, the left is Amy Butler 'Coriander', I think and the right Kaffe Fasset 'Floating Flowers'.

These are Kaffe Fasset 'Arbor' and Amy Butler 'French Wallpaper'. Aside from the colours it may well have been the names that got me!

The service from Cotton Patch is great, very quick and well packaged. As for projects, answers on a postcard people, OK?

I had a great weekend, too. On Saturday I had a riding lesson from a freelance instructor, Jeni Chilton. I haven't trained for AGES, and Monty and I are really really rusty. So, I decided it was about time we had some help to get back on track. She was great, really helpful and terribly complimentary about Mont. It is always nice to hear good things about you pride and joy when he is an aging, more than slightly arthritic thoroughbred! She concluded that Mont knew everything he needed to know and that we just needed to have occassional lessons to nag us and help us remeber what we already knew. This is great, I have spent years carefully working with Mont, slowly training him and teaching him quite physically difficult things. It's great to know it's all stuck in his head. It also reminded me how unfit I am too. Promted by this, and the fact I have put on weight since I have stopped riding every day, I went and bought soem new tracksuit bottoms and trainers on Sunday. Then I joined the local gym yesterday. Induction on Thursday, I'll keep you posted.

Also on Saturday, my old buddies from school came to stay, so we could see Kate in 42nd Street at the Theatre Royal in Nottingham. Kate is already staying with us. I'm sure she wouldn't mind me saying the story is rubbish, but the dancing is just amazing. The most energetic, spectacular tap dancing I have ever seen. With some clever lighting and mirror thingies going on too. If it comes near you in the UK (it's touring after leaving Broadway in New York) go and see it. We had a lovely evening, with cocktails first, then the show, then noodles in Wagamamma's, then a bottle of wine at home. We were up into the early hours talking. Perfect evening. I love my girls. I thought my uni friends new me well but this lot have been my friends for 15 years. So much to catch up on. Here they are, Kate, Zoe and Paula, respectively. Sorry for the grainy photos, serve me right for getting the camera out after a few glasses of wine, in the dark!


Batty said...

What a great time! Your fabric is gorgeous, and there are few things that are more fun than friends, wine and good musical theater.

Nell said...

I love your new fabric! It's sometimes nice to be surrounded by color even with no project in sight.

dancingnic said...

Loving the fabric Nell! What are you going to make?

My sewing machine is shamefully covered in dust - my new years resolution to become a kick ass seamstress is drowning in a sea of knitting projects :)

Glad you had a great time with your friends.

Friends + wine = happy!

dancingnic said...

Oh, have you ever checked out e bay for fabrics? You can get some trememdous bargains!

Anonymous said...

Beautiful fabric! Surely such beauty will be inspirational and thus completely justifies the purchase.

Thanks for the link, too. Methinks some sundresses are in order!

Anonymous said...

Be careful Nell! Fabric is just as addicting as yarn! :-)

I can imagine some new pretties showing up in your Etsy shop!

Amanda (gr8aunt)

Anonymous said...

Dear Mom,
Fabric, friends, yarn. Yes, all that is good. But, what your readers really want is more pictures of us!

Love, Velma and Daphne

Annie said...

That fabric is gorgeous!! Looks like I'll be over in late April, so you can post anything you want brought over (as long as it isn't huge or uber heavy) and I'll bring it with me! 42nd Street is all about the dancing, definitely! Story? What story??

Alma said...

Oh, looking at your selection of fabrics makes me nearly drunk with colour happiness.
They are gorgeous!

Ava said...

Great work.