Saturday, March 10, 2007

Since you asked so nicely.......

....I have some new pictures of our catty girls to show you. But first, some pictures of my latest etsy offering. By the way, do you like my little gallery on the right there? Clever huh (although etsy just gave me the code!)?
I used some of my recently enhanced fabric stash, to make up a needle roll, lined with white fabric. I'm particularly pleased than I managed to bind the edge of the pocket. I thought it just looked a bit more professional that way.

I wondered if I should list the pattern as well as the finished item. I think that maybe knitters are crafty enough to want to make their own roll? Am I trying to sell to a limited market?

And now, my cards have their own labels. I had them made up with the name of my shop, with space for me to sign my name. This was my colleague Karen's idea. She likes the way I sign my name with a little n rather than a capital.
So here are our girls this morning. They're both feeling a bit sorry for themselves, they spent the day at the vet on Thursday being spayed. They're both sporting massive bald tummies where the vet had to shave them! The nurse said we had to keep them quite for a few days. Not a chance I said!! Little do they know they'll be allowed out in a few weeks....

Velma finds a cozy patch in the (Clean!) lundry on the spare bed. You might be able to see her poorly eye, which the vet says will never be 100%. We think she had an infection whilst still with her mum.

Typical Daphne loves a roll around on the floor! I bet you're pleased to see sun-lit photos at last!


Anonymous said...

The kitties have grown so much! What sweeties...

Your post reminds me that I had a dream about Etsy last night. Weird. I love the needle case - when my collection grows a bit more, I'll definitely be in the market for one. Would sew my own but pockets of different sizes equals too much trouble for me. Sad, huh?

Kate said...

Love the pic's

would love to be able to afford the needle case- i am desperate for one for all my dpns- would you consider a trade?


dancingnic said...

The needle case is fabulous nell! I would buy the pattern! It looks really professional!

You are really motivating me to get my wee sewing machine out again!

Anonymous said...

Kitties! They look so sweet!! :-)

Great job on the needle cases, and nice labels for your cards, too!

I think you could offer the needle roll pattern for sale in your shop, looks like you've come up with a nice one! You could offer to send a PDF file, or paper copy. If you need someone to "test drive" the pattern, just let me know.

Amanda (gr8aunt)

Batty said...

Your kitties are so adorable!

I love the stuff you sew. The curtains, the needle rolls, all of them make me want to finally figure out how to use the sewing machine I got for Christmas. So far, I've been too scared (bad high school home ec memories), but I think I need to try.

Anonymous said...

The needle roll looks fab - I love the fabrics you choose and your sewing always looks so professional.

And yes, I think you are selling to a limited market, but that's not a bad thing - you are with any product as there's always going to be some people who like/need it and others who don't. There are way more knitters out there than most people think, and our ranks are growing all the time :) so it's definitely not a small market.

hello nelly said...

Your kitties are Soooooo cute! There'll be something special for them in the next package (which is on its way soon - just waiting for the last of the goodies to arrive!) :)

cranberry said...


I really like your laundry basket with the gingham and shorts. Just need to get stuff out of the way and then weee! Stuff to buy and enjoy.

Your aesthetic is cool in the sense that your stuff is simple, but not too stylised or slick, nor too twee. I'm also impressed by your use of colour, you're not afraid to do muted, nor bright.

Well, since I'm on-line, a confession about the pattern? I have the yarn, and have been reading and rereading the instructions but *head down, foot tracing the figure eight on the floor* I'm afraid I just don't get lace. I think I need to go camping for a week, away from distractions and allow it to click.


Right. Tearing out my jumper now. Will be glad to pull it down in hanks though.

See you in two weeks! Hoping to have something on the needles then.


jazz :)