Thursday, March 01, 2007

I Made a Curtain!

Ok, so maybe these would qualify for the world's most boring photos but I am so pleased with how this curtain turned out. I made it to coordinate with the Ikea spotty/paisley bedlinen that we (and everybody else!) has. My friend Kate who I have known since school, is staying with us for a few weeks while she's in a show in Nottingham. This gave us great incentive to clear out and re-organise the top bed room. Hence the curtain.

This is my first attempt at a curtain, I've only done a blind so far. I had help from Laura Ashley's book of Home Decorating (1985!!). The nice girl in John Lewis was so helpful too. Despite me repeatedly telling her I was going to make it up as I went along! If it hadn't been for her advice I would have come home without half the bits and pieces! It goes from floor to ceiling in the dorma in our attic. Shame about the wallpaper. Never mind, it's on the list!

A great thing happened to me yesterday. Well, great for me. One of the Professors at work (Behavioural Ecology) asked me for some help (as a Biochemist) on his grant application! Woo! How chuffed was I!! After recent convidence issues, this made me feel so much better.

OK, I'm going to stop blowing my own trumpet now.... :)


Anonymous said...

The curtain looks fantastic. Nell, very impressed! I'm especially impressed by the metal hole things that the curtain rail goes through (I'm sure there's a more technical term for it!) - I am humbled by your sewing skills :)

And thank you so so much for the beautiful cards and pouch that arrived on Tuesday - beautiful. Everyone reading this - go and visit Nell's etsy shop - such gorgeous goodies!

Anonymous said...

Yes, you did a GREAT job with the curtains. The grommet idea is wonderful! (We call those metal rings grommets, which makes me think of Wallace and Grommet - I LOVE Wallace and Grommet!).

Hurrah for the request to consult about the grant, too! GO Nell! :-)

Amanda (gr8aunt)

dancingnic said...

Well done Nell! I hope that you've been opening and closing them with glee! When I made my first curtains, we had a small (but select) grand opening ceremony! Cheesy but fun!

Congrats on the consultation!

Nic x

Annie said...

The curtains look fab. Really professional looking!!
And I'm glad you're feeling better about work!

Batty said...

Very pretty! It looks so professional. Wish I could sew!

Anonymous said...

the curtain is beautiful Nell it looks great! I am catching up on blogs and just read lots of yours (yes I have been so slack it's been to hot to do anything) and I love love love your little laundry bags. Can't wait to see them finished!!!!!

Anonymous said...

me again Nell just had a look at your etsy shop and saw the laundry bags in the whole!! they are so beautiful :o)