Saturday, June 09, 2007

Sewing Practice

I'd like to have more sewn things in my shop, but I worry about me skills being upto scratch. I'm not sure my items look professional enough - I'm a bit of a perfectionist! So I've been practising!!


Anonymous said...

Nell, as the proud owner of one of your beautiful hand-sewn pouches I would say that your work is definitely professional enought to sell. I was so impressed by the attention to details, the neatly done seams, zip etc etc. Go for it!

Batty said...

Second the 'it looks professional enough to sell'. I've seen less well-made items in stores!

maryannlucy said...

Those photos show it looking very professional. As Batty says most store bought items look shoddy in comparison.

Anonymous said...

Go Nell!
These look great!

And, WOW, your close-up pictures of the stitches are very nice - they show off the details!

I could tell from your needle case pictures, and pattern, that your sewing skills are quite advanced. Alas, I still have NOT made my own needle case - but, I will! Umm, as soon as I put my needles down. :-)

Amanda (gr8aunt)

Momma Monkey said...

Thanks so so much for the needle case you made for Jen for me. It's gorgeous !!

Annie said...

WOW. You rock.