Tuesday, November 21, 2006

What I did with my Saturday.

I had a busy Saturday. I sat and knitted a little pouch for my Mother in Law's birthday. I filled it with her favourite chocolate covered ginger. If you read my post on Knitty, you'll realise why I needn't have bothered. Anyway, I enjoyed knitting it, and it was vaguely appreciated. I think next time, I'd knit in in finer yarn, with a taller portion above the drawstring. I had adapted it from a pattern on scrumptious living's blog. The pattern suggests a picot bind off which is lovely and a knitted drawstring. Neither I had time to do. I was pleased though with my twisted yarn drawstring, a mega-quick alternative. Thank you Seven for pointing me toward the pattern.

I've just noticed that you may be interested to see Ted's attire too. He is wearing a jumper my mum knitted maybe 20 years ago? It matched one that she made for me. Its actually a lovely pattern, with moss stitch cuffs, yoke and hem. She used up all her odds and sods for the middle section for mine and ted's.

This is the other thing I did on Saturday.

I chopped all Monty's hair off! Remind me next time that I really shouldn't wait until November to clip him. His hair is so thick and long by now that the clippers struggle to get through it. At one stage a had a panic that I was going to have to leave him half clipped. It really wouln't have been a good look. Especially for Monty who is concious of these things. Someone even described him this morning as being a 'Womaniser'. And at the grand old age of 17. Doesn't he look cute with a short back and sides though? Although I don't think he's terribly impressed, it means he now has to wear his PINK pj's!
And this is the Blue Sky Cotton mentioned in the previous post. Yummy!


Anonymous said...

Hi Nell!
Monty does indeed look quite the handsome boy!
Your handmade candy pouch is sweet! The colors match ginger/chocolate, too! I hope it was appreciated more than you know. One can hope!
And your Teddy! CUTE! Who's his rabbity friend? Very sweet as well.

Happy knitting with all your NEW yummy yarn from over here across the pond!

:-) Amanda

Anonymous said...

Monty looks great, but won't he be cold now? Ok, I admit, I know absolutely nothing about horses >_<

The pouch is sooo cute!

scarybez said...

Thanks so much for your kind get well message on my blog, Nell. My ankle is much better now, just gets a bit swollen by the end of the day. I'm looking forward to Friday when I finish my antibiotics and I can celebrate with a glass of red wine!

I'm loving Ted's jumper. Do you still have the one your mum made for you? My ted wears a teeny-tiny scarf that my sister knitted when she was little - the first and only thing she ever made, I think :)

firefly said...

Your bag looks very cute, and filling it with chocolates sounds scrumptious.

Ted's little sweater is soooo cute.

And, the horse is pretty too!

Have a great day,

Annie said...

Monty looks great! Love the teddy sweater. The pouch looks great, too!