Saturday, January 20, 2007

Anyone need a witch murdering?

Our chimney is falling down. Isn't that how the wicked witch dies in The Wizard of Oz? So, if you know a witch that needs despatching, send her our way. Yes, you guessed it, when the aerial came down in the winds, it took part of our chimney with it. When the aerial man came down from the roof, he did not look impressed. It's an emergency to get it fixed, apparently. It needs pulling down and putting back up. Joy. Luckily our insurance company will pay but the hassle. Bugger. I thought Victorians built to last. But then again, Victorians didn't have TV aerials.

Also speaking of Victorian architectural engineering, I had to perform major surgery on the house this morning. We have an (original, not converted) loft bedroom, which is the highlight of our little house. It has a small dorma window. Which is on it's way out, its been jammed shut until now, the hinges are rusted. It's on the list of thing to replace. Well, anyway, this morning, it was hanging off. And rattling. Loudly. It was scaring the life out of the cats. So, I had to half hang out of the window and take it out of the frame. I tied it to the inside with string(!) so I didn't lose it down onto the street. Then wrestle the one remaining screw. It was touch and go, believe me. Who said owning a (victorian, with some origianl features) house was easy???

But here's one of my favorite places in the house. And not for the reasons you may be thinking ;)

It is comfy and warm with the sun shining in. And even better when it includes kitties, a new pattern and beautiful yarn just itching to be cast on. Perfect.

Amanda, I hope you can see from these pictures that the cats like my (generously gifted) Boye needles as much as I do? Although I don't feel the need to lick them.

And proof that you can't leave a sleeping cat with yarn for 5 minutes, even to open the door to the (very late, but he was bringing yarn, so I'll let him off) postman.

Said about-to-be-cast-on project now looks like this. I love the way the stitches keep changing direction. The yarn (Noro lily) is actually a rich jade green and is lovely to work with. It's woven rather than plied (have I got my spinning lingo right?) and is quite like Brown Sheep Cotton Fleece, only a bit softer. Its not quite as stiff, must be the silk content. It does have a very crisp texture though, great for stitch definition. The pattern has a great feature at the start involving a crochet cast on, which means there is eventually no cast on edge.

And what's this? Is that sock yarn? (Sssshhh, its a secret!)


dancingnic said...

From the pics on your blog, your house looks really beautiful nell! I guess owning an old house is a double edged sword - you get the cost and / or inconvenience of all the things that go wrong but you also you get the character and all the beautiful features - I have had similar experiences in my 1915 house! Everyone tells me it's character building - but I'
m not sure that I'd always agree :)
Good luck with the repairs!

Your shawl looks great, and what a fabulous colour!

Batty said...

Lovely yarn, lovely shawl and a beautiful house, too! And you have kitties. They look so cute and cuddly and happy on the bed. Beds are wonderful, kitties make them even better, I don't think I'd ever get out of bed if I had kitties!

Good luck with the repairs. It's cold outside!

Sherry W said...

my gosh, so sorry about you chimney! I hope it's repaired fast!
Kitties are so cute!

Jen said...

Love the kitties! Now I am going to stalk your blog and find out what pattern you are using.

scarybez said...

Poor you. At least the insurance is covering it, but what a hassle! We're in a 1900s tennament block that's falling apart, although when repairs need doing to the building (as opposed to each individual flat) you need to get the agreement of all 8 owners/landlords which is a nightmare. We've had an ongoing dispute about the repairing the plaster outside our flat since we moved in almost two years ago. Grrr!

The shawl looks beautiful - is that the sun ray shawl you mentioned in the previous post? It looks georgeous in that yarn.

Hello Nelly said...

Hello Nell! Just popping in to wish you a good day (and a better one than having your chimney fall down...)

Annie said...

I love Victorian homes, and I love your bedroom!! It's so lovely and inviting. Can't wait to see that finished- I've been wondering about "Lily!"

emy said...

Those cats are full of character! Love your shawl!

Mittenfarce said...

Nell-Nell, your cats look exactly like mine! I have the same combination of calico and tabby. It was such a surprise to see them. I could have taken those pictures, though I would have had to sneak my cats into your house...

Anonymous said...

Nell the kitties are so cute, but how funny, licking the needles! Silly things!
Your shawl looks beautiful. You'll have to tell us where you found the pattern.

Hope the chimney man does a good job with the repair. Maybe he will be like Burt in Mary Poppins (oh yeah, he was a sweep, not a repair man!).

Amanda (gr8aunt)