Wednesday, January 24, 2007

The snow and some sunny fleurs

It snowed!! Ok, so it's not real snow, it'll be gone by lunchtime. But, I had to scrape it off the car, so it counts for me!!
That is not where I live by the way, but where Monty lives. I love that funny blue light when it snows. Needless to say I am wearing two knitted items today. A shrug I made last spring with Colinette Prism, in Jay, and the ever faithful Little Icarus.
James came home last night from being away and bought fleurs (as he calls them) with him. He even tried to get my favourite, Gerberas, but Sunflowers were the closest they had. He's a darling.

And, inspired by Sarah's post, I thought you may like to see my desk at Uni, where I frequently post from. I know I know, it is covered in very interesting books. It's OK, its OK, form an orderly queue, there are enough copies of World's Poultry Science to go around...... :)


Anonymous said...

Hi Nell!
Snow! Just about as much as we got last week-end. I didn't get to enjoy it much, as I was down and out with a virus bug (typical ear, nose, throat mess). How, cheerful to see James' sunflower this morning as I checked your blog!
I do love that peaceful blue color of the snow, too.

:-) Amanda (gr8aunt)

Batty said...

Yay for snow, it's so pretty!

I envy your desk. We had more grad students than offices, so I ended up holding office hours in the foyer. Your own desk? Lucky you!

Anonymous said...

oh I do envy you having snow!!! Just some cold weather would be nice!!! What lovely flowers too. Oh and yes....DEFINATELY put me down for a Poultry Science book!!!

scarybez said...

I'll swap you 'World's Poultry Science' for 'Narrative Methods for Organizational & Communication Research' :p

hello nelly said...

pretty sunflowers! and your links in the sidebar make me long to eat cupcakes...

Hope you are having a wonderful day!