Monday, January 29, 2007


With several birthdays this week, I have been doing a bit of cardmaking. Whadya reckon? All my own designs and hand-cut. I love making cards, I always do it for family at christmas and birthdays. I was thinking I'd try them on etsy. Do you think they'd sell? Be honest with me, I can take it. I think perhaps they look a bit too *handmade*. If you know what I mean. Not at all professional, like these, or these. I suppose the price is what cuts it isn't it? I was thinking they were probably worth £1.50? What's that, $3.00? Or £6.00/$12 for 5? People seem to do that a lot, put them in packs. All wrapped in cellophane of course. Seems the right amount of pounds by maybe it's too many dollars compared to other sellers. I suppose the exchange rate's not in my favour. I have lots of other designs in mind, but for SP security I can't show you!

Sorry, I realise these are not the best photos!
By the way, can you all see my hyperlinked words? Do they appear as a different colours to you?


dancingnic said...

Hi nell,
Your cards are gorgeous! I'd certainly buy some, even pay more than £1.50. People pay up to £4 in random card shops, and that's for mass produced stuff!

Isn't it brilliant how all things crafty can be so relaxing!

Nic x

Anonymous said...

Hi Nell,
The cards are VERY attractive. I'm not exactly sure how the pounds translate to US dollars, but I know it's nice to find a unique card for a special occasion, and I think yours would sell!

I could not see your hyperlinked words (and no other colors showed up in your text).

Hope your week is off to a great start!

:-) Amanda (gr8aunt)

Liz said...

Gosh, those are pretty. I think you probably could sell them on Etsy. I'm not sure about price, but I think a three-pack is a good idea. They don't look homemade, but they do look handcrafted--you're very talented.

I did see the hyperlinked word but there wasn't much contrast between its color and the text color.

Batty said...

Goodness, those are beautiful! Much better even than most of the hand-crafted ones they sell around here in expensive paper shops. I know I'd pay to get something this special for someone I care for!

Stariel said...

The cards are gorgeous! I think selling them in coordinating (not necessarily matching) packs would be a great idea.

I also can't see your hyperlinks on your blog, though they do show up in bloglines.

Nell said...

I think the cards are lovely and would definitely sell!

Sarah G said...
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Anonymous said...

I think your cards are stunning - I'd buy some :)
And I can see you links - they're blue with lines under them. Not at my usual computer, though (in London) - not sure if that makes a difference???

Anonymous said...

ps: forgot to say that when I first read your post I thought that YOU had lots of birthdays this week - like the queen. hehe - my brain is scrambled.
And sorry about the deleted post - I've switched to this new google thing and got confused about my logins.

Annie said...

Those are beautiful! The exchange rate is good for you, but bad for us Yanks, but I'd spend $3 on one!

Annie said...

Those are beautiful! The exchange rate is good for you, but bad for us Yanks, but I'd spend $3 on one!