Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Funny Story (I'm not really this popular!)

I had three valentines today. Bizarrely, from three people with the same handwriting...........

The first, was from James (my favourite card, in the middle). I won't tell you what it said, but it was sweet. He's away this week, by the way, but so is sarah's husband and Karen's BF so us girls are good tonight, with a DVD.

The second was from touring car driver Jason Plato, whom I (bizarrely) have a massive crush on. It said "I insist you dump your Boyfriend and come with your horse to live with me in Monaco. I will drive you to the casino every night in my company Seat. Love Jason Plato" Wow. What a surprise.

The third was from movie star, Josh Hartnett. Again, I'm stunned. It said "Come to live with me in LA, you can bring your horse if you must. I'm only good when people write lines for me, so that's all I got. Love Josh Hartnett"

Out of all those J's who shall I possibly choose? It's a toughie!! :)

Speaking of cards, I've just listed some new horsey ones on etsy!


Liz said...

haha, those are funny. personally I'd go with the guy funny and confident enough to send you valentines from other men ;-)

hello nelly said...

That's so cute!

Happy Valentine's Day!!!

dancingnic said...

Lucky you getting cards from all your favourite men!

Now if I had three cards, I would have got one from El Valiente (which, I did - luckily for him), Zach Braff (JD from scrubs - cute AND funny) and David Tennant.

Maybe next year ...

Batty said...

That's just great!

Happy (late) Valentine's Day! Hope you had a fun DVD night.

Anonymous said...

Happy (late) Valentine's Day from me, too! I had a wonderful Valentine's Day present yesterday - a Snow Day!! My University hardly EVER closes, but they did yesterday!

Hope you gals had a wonderful DVD night! James was sweet to put together those three cards for you.

:-) Amanda (gr8aunt)

Annie said...

Ha ha!! That rocks!