Monday, December 04, 2006

How did I celebrate my weekend??

Well, this is how. Gu make the best chocolate puddings. Just yum. So I bought a pack of two. One for me, one for James, so we could have a really nice pudding, as a treat. Instead, James went to Hooters to be served his dinner by a skinny lady with big boobs and small clothes. Am I at all bothered? No. Instead, I just ate both pots. Do I feel bad? Nope. I'd do it again in a heart beat. Even though he came home and said 'Where's my pudding?'.

To be fair, they didn't even go to Hooters. Well, they went but had failed to book a table. I should point out that what really irked me about this is not that they wanted to go to Hooters, I don't mind that, but it's this. It was Judge's birthday and they were going to eat. But, the girls weren't invited to come until after the meal. What is this, 1906? If you're having a boy's night, fine, don't invite us. If you want us to come, invite us for the whole evening. Grrr, mutter mutter.

Anyway, look what else I bought in Sainsbury's.

Someone clearly put so much effort into these. I stood there for ages choosing. Someone at Innocent needs a big pat on the back, this is such a great idea. I wish I had manged to get my bum into gear to make some.

And now, I feel really christmassy, we went to John Lewis yesterday and I bough fabric to decorate our table for christmas day. Woo! I especially love the one on the left, it's actually all shimmery.


Bezzie said...

Mmmm....chocolate pudding!!!!

And those bottle hats are adorable! Someone really got creative there!

ZantiMissKnit said...

That chocolate pudding looks great! I would have eaten both as well.

I'm sorry that Hooters has invaded England. :-|

Anonymous said...

Haha, I think I would have eaten all the pudding too. I hear Hooters has good wings, but the city I live in has plenty of great wings places so I've never felt the desire to go.

Anonymous said...

The hat took about half a ball of yarn. I think I'm going to use the other half to make a hat that fits better, but I think I'll keep the point ;-)

Rosie said...

I stumbled on your blog tonight and have loved reading it! You made me get to thinking about choclate pud-- oh no, must have some! Dont you love late night cravings? well,late night on this side of the globe. I love that fabric you found with the shimmery trees! Im sure it will set the vibe for christmas!

scarybez said...

What on earth is Hooters? It sounds horrendous! Good for you on eating both puddings :)

The little bottles of innocence are so cute. Do you know if they sell the bottles with hats everywhere, or just in special stores? I want one!

Batty said...

Chocolate pudding! YUM!