Wednesday, December 27, 2006


At last! A knitting post! Here are some socks recently gifted.
Yarn: Regia Royal Collection Bristol
Needles: Addi Turbo Bamboo 2.5mm 120cm
Time to Knit: Ohh, ages, they had to be knitted covertly!
These were James' birthday socks, given to him whilst we were in New York. He loves them. In fact, the day after his birthday we had this conversation:
James: Do you know what the worst thing about these socks is?
Nell: !!! What???!!!
James: I only have one pair so I can't wear them again today!

Pattern: Knitty's Universal Toe Up Formula
Yarn: Lorna's Laces Shepherd Sock Irving Park
Needles: Addi Turbo Bamboo 2.5mm 120cm
Time to Knit: Again, ages, although the second one I did in a week, I left myself a hard deadline!
I came up with new idea for presenting them too, by wrapping them up in the same way as bought socks only with a handmade label. I wrote the washing instructions on the back too.
These I gave to Dad yesterday for Christmas. I think he was pleased! I will be calling him for the verdict.
I love love love this knitty pattern. I don't care what anyone says about toe-up patterns, I couldn't do socks until I tried this! Of the two yarns, I would definately buy the LL's again, it was lovely to work with. The regia was nice, and cheaper, but was a bit scratchy, although after washing it improved. James didn't wait for me to tell him the washing instructions, and threw them in the machine. I think the label said handwash, clearly it doesn't matter!!


Batty said...

Those turned out really well! I love the fit, and Irving Park is one of my favorite colorways ever.

Lauren said...

Those look great! I love socks.

Anonymous said...

the socks are beautiful Nell! You said to me a while back if I could knit the pouch I did then I would be ready to try socks!!!! I doubt it, but just in case I do try???!!!!what would be a REALLY easy pattern to start with??? :O

scarybez said...

The socks look fab! I love the colours of your dad's pair.

Anonymous said...

Hurrah for socks. You did a fabulous job! They look great!

Glad to head everything went well with your Christmas! Happy New Year, with lots of knitting time.

Amanda (Gr8aunt)

Anonymous said...

I think you will realize I meant "glad to "HEAR" everything went well with your Christmas"

That will teach me to take my time trying to type!!