Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Splosh! Yeeeooooowwwllll!

Daphne fell in the bath last night. She got very wet and felt quite silly. I had half run the bath and had turned it off to watch the news (this horrible serial killer in Ipswich of all places). All I heard was Splosh, yeowl! And a little bedraggled tabby came running into the bedroom and looked at me pathetically. Unfortunately I laughed at her (she didn't seem hurt, just a little confused!). She looked baffled, and her legs and tummy were absolutley soaking. Unusually for Daphne, she enjoyed a cuddle in a towel, and then she was fine. And then when I got into the bath (with some yummy Lush bubbles, see below!), she sat on the loo and watched me. So it hasn't scarred her for life. I wish I had a photo. Here are some others from last weekend.

I've just realised how dark and out of focus they are, sorry! I'll do better next time!


Anonymous said...

Poor Daphne! She has no idea how we've laughed at her! :-)

They are SO CUTE, totally cuteness!

Amanda (gr8aunt)

Lauren said...

oh how precious! I wish my babies were still small enough to fit in a shoe box. :)

Anonymous said...

they are adorable, and yes they don't stay small for long enough do they.

Sherry W said...

Poor kitty! Too bad she didn't smell like Lush bubbles. :)