Monday, September 25, 2006

I did it!

I made a cake!

Thank you so much poops! This is her recipe 'Ern's Cocoa Cake'. And it worked! It came out a bit dome shaped, and took nearly an hour to cook (as opposed to 40 minutes Poops suggested). So maybe my oven is cooler than it should be? I sliced off the top (and ate it - naturally!) and then iced it with a very sickly icing sugar/cocoa mixture. Firstly the icing was too runny so it dripped down through the cake - which was actually quite nice! I did most of the mixing by hand, our hand blender is not really suitable for thick mixtures. And Poops, when you said 'big ass bowl' you meant a big ass bowl! It was nearly slopping over the top!

Anyway, most of it has gone. I wish you were closer Poops, so you could try it!

Thanks also, to everyone from Knitty who offered me recipes. Roxy, purrl, musetta, seven and miss_squeezie (sorry if I have forgotten anyone - all recipes were printed!). Believe me, I'm going to try them ALL. Thanks to everyone else who offered advice. It was duly noted!

Here too is a random campus shot, of one of the halls, just because it looked so pretty last week.


Anonymous said...

Hurrah for your cake! It looks delicious!

Amanda :-)

Joanna said...

No fair, now I want cake too! :P It looks great, glad you finally conquered the baking!

Sarah said...

Congratulations on your baking triumph! Now that you've got one under your belt, I'm sure future cakes will be delicious as well.

Poops said...

Hooray! Hooray! Hooray for cake! Hooray for Nell! Oh, how I would so love a piece of that! Mmmmmmmmm......


the kitchener bitch (purrl) said...

Yay for cake! It looks great - bet it tasted great too!