Friday, September 15, 2006

I feel old

I'd like to think that my finger is generally somewhere near the pulse, if not actually on it. However, there have been several things lately that have made me feel really old. For one, I can't stand Radio 1. OK, so I don't mind Colin and/or Edith, and I can just about tolerate Vernon. But the rest seem to have this whiney, overwhelmingly patronising, sarcastic, condescending tone. And it's really not funny. I get the feeling I'm having the mickey taken out of me, just whilst listening. So I don't. However, yesterday, I felt like a bit of music. I turned over to Radio 1, and I lasted for one and a half songs. I quite liked the first - Joss Stone. But then, and I suppose this isn't really their fault, the next track verged on offensive I thought. It was a remix of Phil Colin's (or is it Genesis, I never know) Another Day in Paradise. Now I'm not a big fan, but this song has a rather serious message does it not? Well the remix didn't. In fact it was rather lewd in places. And it just annoyed me. So, give me Radio 4 any day. Like my Dad. Secondly, on the 'I feel old' track. I can't even go into TopShop without feeling seriously frumpy. I used to love it. But now, the stock changes every 5 minutes and I couldn't even imagine wearing any of it. And I feel really out of it. My Mum loves Jigsaw. She always has. I used to think it was mega-mumsy and boring. Now I shop there whenever I can afford it. I am getting old before my time. I really am. And I'm turning into my parents. Which I suppose is no bad thing, on lots of fronts, but at 24? So is it me that's gettign old, or Radio 1 and TopShop that are dumbing down? Grrrr.

Sorry. Rant over.


scarybez said...

hehe - your post made me smile. I'm always getting teased for being old before my time - I mean, I knit, I adore the Archers and I wear slippers :) Oldies of the world unite!

random fat bird said...

I've always hated TopShop, and I used to work for the Arcadia group :D

Radio 1 is dire, although I'm with you on the Vernon and Colin concept.

Rah for being middle ages in mid-twenties :)