Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Lilith's Needle Roll

So, Lilith, if it hasn't arrived yet (it should have done!) don't look any further!
This is the needle roll that Lilith asked if someone could make for her, to store her dpns. When she asked if anyone could sew, perhaps I was exagerating when I said I could! I've discovered that sewing in a straight line isn't my forte! Anyway, this is it from the outside.

And when you undo the ribbon and unroll it, it looks like this. I just loved this floral fabric. I hope it isn't too 'pastel-y' for you Lilith.

The lining is pale sage-y green, and there are different sized channels for different sized needles. Small on the left, bigger on the right and a button-down flap to stop the needles falling out!

I hope its not too wacky, but I like the contrast of stripes and floral - I think very Kath Kidston. The fabric came from Hobbycraft, I'm slightly ashamed to say. They do not usually out-do the competition, but on this occassion they had the best range of craft fabric. John Lewis was rubbish and so was my favourite stall on Victoria market in Notts, Sharma's (even though they follow you around like you're going to steal something. Like I'm going to run away with a bolt of fabric under my arm. Mum discovered if you engage them in conversation they go away though!!).And this is the mighty sewing machine that made it. It belongs to James' grandma, which reminds me, I must write her a note - it was technically James' mother that leant it to me. I think it was originally a manual machine that was converted to electric. It still has the receipt with it from 1950! Despite some tension issues, it did the job perfectly!

So, now I'm off home. I have a terrible cold, so I'm going back to bed. I just hope I didn't give it to Fan or my 90 year old Grandpa who were here yesterday (Grandap on the train all the way from Norwich).


scarybez said...

Wow - that's fab Nell. I'm sure Lilith will adore it. And don't put yourself down about your sewing abilities - it looks pretty damn good to me. I have a sewing machine but it's rarely put to good use - I tried to make a needle holder but didn't measure the fabric correctly and made it too short for the needles. Agh! And I agree - stats = yuk ;)

Sherry W said...

The button idea is great!! Why didn't I think of that too??!

Annie said...

That is lovely! I haven't taken a photo of the one I made a while back... although having used it for more than a year now, I think I need to make another one, as the one I have has certain areas that I jam full and others that stay empty!!

Yours is lovely- love the stripes and floral and love the button!!

heatherrific! said...

Wow, it's just darling! Did you have a pattern to work from or was it made up as you went? I'm wanting to make something similar for Christmas gifts but I'm having trouble finding patterns (not sure I could make one without a pattern). Thx!