Wednesday, September 20, 2006

This is quite embarrassing

But I'm posting in the hope that someone somewhere may have some pearls of wisdom on why I cannot bake. My general cooking is OK, but my baking just isn't. I wanted to make some muffins, inspired by Chockylit . So when I got home, I asked Delia . Unusually, she didn't know. Delia is the fountain of cooking knowledge, but she doesn't know how to make muffins. So I asked Nigella. She knew, but my attempts failed. These look promising don't they...

But this is what happened when I tried to eat one......

Nasty, horrible, not very tasty, squidgy muffin mess. And yes, they were cooked. Correct time, as per Nigella. Fork came out clean and all that. And it's not the oven, as people have suggested. We have a brand spanking new oven. And with previous ovens, I usually fail. Cakes get burnt, or just come out like big biscuits. Last time I made cupcakes and took them to James' mother they sat on the side all weekend. Anybody? Any hints?

I finished the back of Moonshine by the way. I love it when I finish the back of a garment. Feels like you've done the worst bit, the long, boring, monotonous bit.


lisa said...

i looked at your muffin, and it seems to me that the top is done, but the bottom is not. i'm in the US, so i don't know if our ovens are different, but fwiw, my oven preheats with both the top and bottom burners, but bakes with only the bottom burner. i preheat, then put the tin on the rack in the middle. Every time i've ever burnt or undercooked something, it was on a different rack. i go slow and bake one tin at a time, on the middle rack.
looks like your batter was fine, and you've got excellent reference books. so sorry for your frustrations.

Annie said...

Hmmm... I don't make muffins very often, but I have a great blueberry lemon breakfast bread recipe if you want it!

Anonymous said...

I might have a hint for you. Once I made muffins with frozen berries and something similiar happened. Someone told me I should have rolled the berries around in some flour to coat the berries before stirring them into the batter. I never tried that recipe again, but I think this could have helped (and I think it would help fresh fruit, too).

The pictures of you and Monty are great!! He's a jewel.


Spinningfishwife said...

Are you preheating the oven properly? Most ovens need twenty minutes before they get to temperature.

I use the Be-Ro book of baking, not any of your new-fangled author folk! (I just use their books for everything else.) Most of the Be-Ro recipes haven`t changed in at least 40 years, trust me, because that was when my mum taught me to bake. Utterly reliable.

(The muffin looks like the mixture was too wet, btw. Did they have eggs in them? Did you use large or extra large eggs, rather than standard/medioum ones?)