Monday, August 07, 2006

Bluette, Alfie and Sid

Some of you may remember my post on Knitty when Mum's ancient cat went missing. Well here is a picture of her, curled up and shedding hair on an antique quilt! As I said below, Mum's just moved, and Bluette seems quite content.

Also last weekend, we went to see my Dad and his partner Kate, at their new house near Brighton. They are not far from Lewes too, and we went to pick up a bed Mum had bought in an antiques market. We spent a lovely hour or two wandering about, eyeing up all the lovely furniture. I fell in love with an old Victorian Chesterfield, real Shabby Chic, for only £50! Why we didn't buy it I don't know. I have to keep telling myself that we really don't have room in the house! Anyway, Dad and Kate have two lovely kittend, half brothers called Alfie (on the left) and Sid. They wind the dog up something rotten (she no longer has first dibs on her own bed!), but they are very cute!

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