Thursday, August 24, 2006

Sock advice!

I've been a very bad blogger, I'm sorry. Everyone likes pictures in blogs don't they, so here's a picture of our street last night, taken from the bedroom window. Our lovely street, with our beloved windy-mill at the end. Doesn't it look miserable? I don't actually think so, I quite like the rain. I lay in bed last night, snuggled up, and besides the sound of rasping snoring I could here hammering rain outside. I think its a nice sound when you're cosy and tucked up inside. A very content safe feeling. And besides, we're so proud of our lovely little street, I don't care how it looks in the rain!

I don't think today has started off that well. the car has had to go to VW to be fixed, the central locking is broken and the starter motor's on its way out. Its supposedly under warranty but the lady politely told me it may not be covered. Well, I'll be screaming blue murder if its not. Then I had an incredibly blonde moment in texaco when i couldn't get the petrol cap of James' car. How embarassing. I had to drive off having not got petrol, with none in the car. And, I'm missing knitting group because of the car situation. Grrr.

Anyway, speaking of knitting, I need sock advice from you wise people. Scarybez, maybe you can help. I want to do one pair for J's birthday (this is attempt two!) and one pair for dad for christmas. I need to start now. I'm going to use Knitty's recent toe-up sock for the first pair, and then maybe one that was kindly donanted by Lilith for the other. Has anyone got any sock yarn recommendations? For both pairs I'd like something that subtly patterns (no glaring stripes, or self-fairisle) and for J, in muted, greys, blues, that kind of thing, and loud reds and oranges for dad. I'd like something reasonably luxury, and preferable the larger side of 3mm needles! Will it matter if the pattern isn't the same on both socks? Can I just start the second sock where the first ended? Do I have to think more carefully than that? And I can do it on one very long circ right, or should I use two? I finished the sleeves for my green gable with one long one. Or maybe I should use these new 30cm addis? Any suggestions gratefully received!


Anonymous said...

Hi Nell!
I find toe up socks harder than top down. But, this might be because the first socks I ever knit were top down. I used the basic sock pattern in Sally Melville's Purl book. It was written very clearly, and she has a great list of sizes based on your guage.
I'm going to fire off an e-mail with more info.
Loved seeing your street! I love being cozy inside with rain outside, too! Yummy.
:-) Amanda

scarybez said...

Eeek! I've only ever made 2 pairs of socks in my life, and one of them was for a baby so it only counts as 1/2 a sock!

A good yarn for J might be one of the Lana Grossa boot yarns - I have a skein of 701 which very subtly stipes between blues and greys. It's really soft and cosy and would be good for winter walks. I've had a quick scout around the internet and can't find many UK sites that sell it - I got it for about £6.50ish from a shop in Scotland but the only UK site I saw had it at £10.49 (

I haven't tried circulars for socks but I know people who swear by them. There's a picture guide on sockbug's site on the righthand tool bar ( I look forward to seeing the finished socks!

Sherry W said...

Regia Silk is wonderful for guys if you can get it there.

I love socks toe-up. On my blog I have a link for a dead-easy cast on. IMO, much easier then the Knitty cast-ons.