Friday, August 11, 2006

Obligatory Silly Pet Photos

I thought it was about time you were introduced to Monty, the other man in my life, and honestly one of my best friends. Here he is last winter, wearing what James calls his Wrestler Mask. Monty very quickly demonstrated that he doesn't like it, and it is now waiting to be sewn together, again!
Although he is now semi-retired though a bone disorder, I can ride a bit. He will never be the dressage competitor that I had hoped, but we'll still have fun I hope. In fact yesterday, we had a break through, and I managed to school him for the first time in 14 months and it was like he'd never been away!

Here is Monty again, in my favourite photo from last winter. Its a shame it wasn't sunnier. I must dig out some summery photos (or just take some!) but his large tummy tends to get in the way!

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Sherry W said...

Awww, he seems sweet! I'm sure you guys will still have fun!