Thursday, August 31, 2006

Moonshine and a random LYS

So, here is my progress on Moonshine. This is going to be a SLOW one! This is all I managed yesterday evening. I knew I disliked 3 3/4 mm needles! However, I love the texture of the fabric it's creating. It's double moss stitch, which I think is so pretty, and since its technically aran weight yarn, the fabric is dense. Despite the DK weight of the Sirdar Denim having the same tension on the ball band as the RYC Silk Wool, I could only get the correct tension using the aran. Grr.

Sorry, still won't do it, see above!

Anyway, I spent ages yesterday online, trying to find someone who had the aran (the colourway is new). No avail. Then I thought of a local LYS, that I have never been to, about 15 minutes from work. I'd been warned off going there, I was told it was higgledy piggledy, you can't find anything and it's all baby wool. I went anyway, knowing that she was probably a Sirdar stockist (and not expecting much else). I got there and yes, it was upside down. Whole bags of yarn strewn EVERYWHERE, stacked to the ceiling, in no particular order. Not sorted into colours, brands, weights, nothing. There were random racks of clothes filling the floor of this tiny shop. I saw what I wanted, in the new pink colour (I'll bear it in mind for next time), and took the whole bag to the counter. I asked if she had the yarn in the brown. 'Oh yes', she said 'over here'. She marched over to a pile, hidden in the corner and pulled out exactly what I wanted. I never would have found it. And, she was so lovely. Very chatty. I will definatley go back. She had lovely buttons (not where you could easily look at them, but still), and ribbons too. And, to my surprise, all the new Rowans too. Bearing in mind that I took my mother to my favourite LYS on Saturday and one of the owners was so rude to me, yesterday's expedition was great. On Saturday at said (luxury) LYS, that shall remain nameless (usually they are great), I picked up a ball of (expensive) sock yarn, and asked if they had any other colours. 'No' was the reply. 'I could order you some, but I'm not sure when we're ordering, so there's no point' and off she went. Sod you then, I thought. So I'm singing for old-fashioned-not-necessarily-luxury-LYSs today!

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