Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Poor old James

This is James (on the left) with our friend Richie, at my work's summer BBQ, an altogether happier occasion than this weekend. The long and the short of it is that James was attacked whilst out in town on Saturday night. It was totally unprovoked and the guy didn't even steal anything from him, although he may have been trying to. James can't remember a thing, in fact doesn't even remember the second half of the evening. He was punched on his jaw which knocked him over. He banged his head and was knocked out cold. The last thing teh boys saw wa sthis guy running off up the road. Luckily his friends were very good, and got him to hospital and phoned me. I never want to hear Jimmy on the phone at 4am ever again. They all waited at the hospital with me too. The hospital were very good, he had CT scans and stuff, which were all fine. He doesn't really even remember this. The scariest thing was when he came round to the doctor shaking him, he had no idea where he was or what had happened. His jaw is still huge, but the cut on his head is OK. The doctors told me not to leave him for 24 hours (I was hardly about to, I don't think I even let go of him!) in case he was concussed. He slept all day on Sunday, and hardly even moved. He had a big rambo-style bandage around his head. Luckily the bank holiday was yesterday, so we just went for a walk and chilled out a bit. He's gone to work today (late) and says he'll come home early. This is totally out of character, he normally works so hard. I think its given him (and all of us) a really nasty shock, and he's putting on a brave face. I really don't get why people are so horrible to eachother. There is no reason why this guy won't do it again. What makes people want to hurt others, and think it's OK? It's such a shame, I'll worry about James every time he goes out without me now, but I suppose I should be thankful it wasn't a whole lot worse.


scarybez said...

Wow, that's awful. Poor James. That's such a horrid thing to happen. Lucky he's got you to look after him and nurse him back to health :) People are awful sometimes - but luckily that's just the minority and there are a lot of lovely, kind, generous folk about as well - like his friends who took him to hospital and the doctors who spend their life taking care of people. I hope he heals quickly. x

Sherry W said...

Oh no!! Holy cow, that is scary!
Make sure he takes it easy, he can have 'post concussive' symptoms for awhile where he may feel muddle headed or forgetfull. I hope he heals soon!

Anonymous said...

So sorry to hear about James! It is pitiful how mean people can be. It doesn't sound like anyone got a good look at the attacker, too bad. Would be good to see him sit behind bars for awhile.
Wish James a speedy recovery from my side of the pond.


Rosalie said...

my 16 year old was also attacked by several guys 3 weeks ago. I know how you are feeling. These attackers rob your peace and security for quite some time. Very difficult to see a loved one attacked! all the best.