Friday, August 25, 2006

To embellish or not?

A while ago I finished this for one of two new babies (I haven't decided which yet!). It's a very plain, but I think quite stylish, boat neck jumper from Debbie Bliss' Baby Knits for Beginners, knitted in DB cotton angora. This is the world's most basic book, but it has some very simple, robust patterns. What I want to know is shall I embellish it a bit or not? I was thinking maybe a (bought) little aplique motif on the hem to one side. Something gender non-specific like a star or something. What do you think?

Yesterday didn't turn out as bad as I thought. I must sing VW's praises, they did fix everything for FREE (well technically not, I suppose I paid for a warranty). They replaced the starter motor and all the locks. What a relief.

And, the weather has cheered up here too. Here is the same scene taken again this morning. And the windy-mill is facing the right way too.

And this was the cheerful (if totally scruffy!) face that awaited me this morning. He knows I have a syringe full of yucky medicine (believe me, I know, it tastes like paracetamol, only paracetamol's nicer) and he still waits by the gate. Not sure what I'd do without him. I think he'll enjoy the sun today.


Sea Anemone said...

I think its absolutely lovely as is. It makes it more classic to be unembellished and thus more likely to be used for generations. :)Just my 2 cents.

Margaret said...

Aww Nell, the baby sweater is just too adorable! And yes I second for leaving it as is :) Debbie Bliss' prettiest baby garments are the more plain ones I think.