Friday, August 11, 2006

Knitty Needles

I have finally got around to photographing the needles gifted to me through the Knittyboards. After discussing on the boards how much I lilked the American Boye (and similar) style needles, I was RAK'd a whole bunch from the wonderful Amanda (gr8aunt) and swapped some with the lovely Nicole (hotmama). Amanda, your chatty emails are so lovely to receive too. Ladies, they are beautiful, and I love them They will be treasured, you chose such perfect colours. As ever, I am stunned by the generosity of the knittyheads.

I had hoped to put the needles in the display with the UK vinatge ones I have collected (as below). However, I don't think the US ones stand out enough, so I may separate them into a separate vase.

Thank you again ladies, you are so generous and absolute stars! If you ever need a favour from the UK, you know where I am!

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Anonymous said...

I love it that your needles are in a tea pot! They all look GREAT together! I'm glad my extra needles have such a good home.

It's me, Amanda, by the way. :-)